Getting The Whole of New Zealand Working – The Ultimate Challenge

If we’re going to have immigrants coming here why can’t we simply get them to work on our industries. Why not support local towns. Make it a condition on arrival that they set up businesses in smaller regions first.

I know this is not a new idea, and it’s certainly not original, but I generally feel there would be a lot of benefits for smaller regions that need a commercial input for local jobs and employment. Maybe this can’t be executed. I have no idea why. As a country we can set the rules for others to comply. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with this.

All of our main centres are congested to the point of over-population. Housing is an issue wherever you go in New Zealand. What were once a few rentals to choose from in Tokoroa, a small rural town has now depleted to one or two if you’re lucky.

Housing is a BIG issue in it’s own right and I’m going to blog about that later. But if we are to have immigrants coming to New Zealand then why not shift them downstream. It’s already happened on a certain level. I know of a few in Tokoroa who have taken advantage of lower priced houses. It’s certainly more doable then Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. And the advantage is that they can set up shop for much lower costs too.

My beef with the Government is that they solely talk about Auckland and the economy, or Wellington etc. Wouldn’t it make sense to ensure the whole of New Zealand plays a part in the economy on a much grander scale. If Auckland or Wellington were ever to suffer a natural disaster we would ALL be stuffed. There is too much reliance on these main centres. And it just makes sense to set some initiatives for lower tax rates in smaller regions. Kind of a bribery I know. But it could work well.

Comment below. I know I am not so clued up on this matter and welcome comments of any nature. I’d like to learn more too. Is this such an impossible task?



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