I’m Impressed with the Greens – WOW This Is What’s Needed

I started this blog and wrote a couple of articles about the benefit rates. Just tonight I watched the News on 6pm and was told the Greens were to release a special package.

  • A 20% increase to ALL benefits (Not Just Families)
  • Do away with the Work Tax Credit
  • Low Income Families would receive an extra $72 per week
  • Minimum Wage to be $17.75 per hour
  • Removing sanctions on benefits
  • Lower the tax bracket to 9% for those earning $14,000 pa or less and raising the top bracket (those earning above $150,000 pa) to 40%
  • Lift the amount people can earn before the benefit reduces to $200 per week

This is what I am talking about. This is what is needed. This is a marvelous package for those on a benefit and it will go a long way to supporting our elderly, sick, low income families and so forth. These are the kind of policies that will lift people out of poverty. The ability to earn $200 per week on top of the benefit will help tremendously and the base benefits rising 20% will enable people to budget much more effectively.

Well done Greens. I’m so impressed.

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