Which Way Will I Swing – My Personal Dilemma in 2017


I’m centered left. I have been a Labour supporter most of my life, partly as I grew up in a working class environment, and partly because I always believed the Labour Party supported the vast majority of people. However, in recent years I’ve noticed Labour has pandered to BIG BUSINESS just as much as National. Not that I am denying we shouldn’t be concerned with businesses and BIG ones at that but I REALLY want a party that looks after the most vulnerable. It’s become quite evident that the past 17 years (This is since I have been following it) has seen the demise of Worker’s Rights, Health, Education, Housing and Jobs. Please do not assume I am against Capitalism or the fact businesses provide the very jobs I talk about, but this unfortunate pandering to these corporations over individual rights concerns me.

Our most vulnerable people, our lower income workers, our sick and our elderly have been overlooked to such an extent that nasty stories in the news are emerging of how these people are living. And it’s not good. Not only that, but there is a growing trend of minimum wage earners now not being able to afford their rents and living on a $100 food budget for the whole family. I recently saw a picture of a woman who cooked 62 meals for the price of $100 and froze them to put in her freezer. Well done. But just because one or two people can defy the odds and budget from such a low income doesn’t mean it’s right. No-one talks about when a vet bill comes up, unexpected car troubles, an unfortunate incident with your health or paying off loans you have accumulated from being stuck in the past.

These stories are being highlighted now, not because the media cares, but because it’s a hot topic and it gets eyeballs on ads, but for these very folks, solutions are not so forthcoming. It is estimated that 40,000 families are homeless right now. I’d estimate that higher. I have an older lady down the road who is confined to a wheelchair. She lost her rental recently but no-one can find her a wheelchair friendly home. She’s currently living at a friends house. And that’s the trouble. Once you bunk down at a family or friends home you GO OFF their emergency list regardless if it is supposed to be temporary.

For these 40,000 families, this is real. It doesn’t get more real than living out of a garage or in a cold damp car. Some even have babies in the mix. And while we’re all sipping our coffee and wondering what we’re going to have for lunch, someone, somewhere is receiving awful news about their homes.

If we had a policy in place to ensure tenants had long leases comprising of 10 year tenancies this would go a long way in appeasing these so called investors who flip houses for profits while turfing out the renters. There’s no stability for those in a rental situation. My own sister, who is doing quite well now, found an awful challenge getting a house for herself and her two children. She has perfect credit, references and a good job. What if you didn’t? Where do you go.

And the national sell off of state homes is an utter disgrace. There are families that need them right now. More profits for the National coffers.

Getting back to the parties, I like Winston’s policies (I say Winston because I’m rather taken with him, the man, whether or not his party would hold the same appeal when he is gone I don’t know. He seems to be the engine to the whole regime). I’m partial to the Greens too as they have a few policies I’m interested in so I’m very happy they are working with Labour and I like the Labour party. I particularly like Andrew and Jacinda. I think they make a great team. In my own perfect world I would love to see all three in parliament. It might not be an unrealised dream because it could very well happen. I’m waiting to see.

So how will you vote this election. What do you want to see? I’m all ears.




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